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Our Team


There is no mistaking, Heather is our office MVP. She wears many hats at work but always has time to recommend the best skincare and procedures available. Heather leads the standard San Diego life… hiking Torrey Pines, relaxing at the beach, and de-stressing with hot yoga. The active lifestyle helps to keep her glowing along with the daily use of SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening System. We are lucky to have Heather as the backbone of Pacific Dermatology…Namaste.


Practice Manager

Katie is the bright star of our office. Her soothing touch is both calming and reassuring to patients when they need a hand to hold. Katie is so special that there’s two of her. She has an identical twin sister that looks like a mirror’s reflection. Her favorite quote is “Be kind to everyone including yourself.”


Medical Assistant

Michelle moved from Idaho a few years ago when she fell in love with San Diego. Since Idaho is also known as the “gem state” I can confirm that Michelle is a diamond. She always uses vitamin C serum on her skin and has even learned that sunscreen is the number one rule for good skincare. Michelle’s favorite quote is “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!”


Medical Assistant

Kay always seems to amaze me with her superior knowledge of skincare. Every day I hear about Kay’s most amazing facials and her expert skin hydrating routine. Most of it is secret, but I think it involves Revision’s Hydrating Serum and La Roche Posay Spring water spray. Another secret is that Kay has chickens and brings the tastiest fresh eggs to work.



Kelli is the one you want fighting for your medical benefits. She helps to ease the pain of insurance claims and has years of experience working in the insurance industry. Outside of work, Kelli loves a good bootcamp workout and walking her new dog. She is the engine that keeps Pacific Dermatology ticking…so when you get a bill, don’t blame the messenger!


Insurance Specialist

Chelsea is one of the most kind and genuine people you will ever meet so it is comforting to know that she is the first person that you will talk to at our office. If she got to choose a super power, it would be “reading minds or flying.” The way she handles the front office, I think she has the mind reading thing down. And don’t be surprised if you see her on Sunday flying around at her favorite Farmers Market in Encinitas.


Front Office

Heather is one of the most talented Nurse Practitioners I have ever worked with. Beyond her expertise in body shaping and skincare, she is quick to offer the best suggestions for a boulangerie in France or tea in London. When she wins the powerball lotto, Heather will travel the world with her three favorite products

1. Clarisonic brush
2. Probiotics
3. Elta MD Clear Sunscreen


Nurse Practitioner