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Body Contouring

Eliminate excess, stubborn fat from your body or under your chin with one of our non-invasive body contouring procedures like UltraShape or Kybella.

Ultrashape Testimonial

Body contouring treatments are shaping procedures that eliminate excess fat from various problem spots on the body. We offer non-invasive body contouring alternatives to liposuction like UltraShape® – a liposuction procedure for the body – and Kybella – designed to remove fat from the chin area.  


UltraShape® is a revolutionary, non-invasive liposuction procedure that uses focused ultrasound pulses to destroy fat cells with no pain, no incisions and no downtime. The technology uses sound waves to break apart fat cells, which are naturally eliminated from the body resulting in fat reduction and overall slimming. Dr. Keel is one of the first in San Diego to offer this recently FDA-approved body contouring alternative to liposuction to remove stubborn fat and inches from the abdomen, hips and thighs.

What to expect with UltraShape®

Who should do UltraShape? The ideal candidate is in good physical condition with stubborn areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.

How long is the procedure?  A typical UltraShape® treatment takes between 60-90 minutes. We recommend three treatments spaced 2 weeks apart.

What is the recovery like?  UltraShape® is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. There is no downtime. You may resume all normal activities immediately after the treatment.

When do I see results?  You can expect improvement with UltraShape® in as little as 2 weeks with the final results 3 months after your last treatment.

What else can I do to optimize results?  You should maintain good eating and exercise habits and let UltraShape® do the rest.  We also recommend Gly-Pro body firming lotion to enhance your results.



Until recently, the only way to get rid of a double chin was liposculpture or surgery.  We now offer Kybella, a safe FDA-approved treatment that reduces the appearance of submental fullness and permanently removes a double chin.


Kybella is a series of non-invasive injections that harnesses your body’s natural ability to break down fat by using deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring molecule in the body, to destroy unwanted fat cells.  Kybella is injected every month for 3-6 treatments.  After each treatment, there may be a little swelling and tenderness for a few days while the body breaks down and absorbs the fat cells, leaving you with a slimmer, well-defined jawline.

After being treated with Kybella, patients reported improvement in self-perception, including feeling happier and younger based on their chin profile, as well as feeling less embarrassed, less self-conscious, and less overweight.

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