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Medical Dermatology

As a Board Certified Dermatologist and Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, Dr. Keel provides expert diagnosis and medical dermatology treatment of skin conditions for people of all ages. With the most advanced technology and experienced medical professionals available, you can rest assured that the your medical dermatology needs and the health of your skin is in expert hands.

Common problems and treatments in medical dermatology include the following:


For many, acne is a chronic problem that can’t be treated with over the counter skin care products. Using a combination of skincare treatments and medications that can reduce inflammation or oil production, we can create a custom plan to help you achieve clearer skin.


Actinic Keratosis

If your skin has been exposed to damaging UV rays in the past, you may begin developing a pre-cancerous skin condition known as Actinic Keratosis. Characterized by rough, red bumps, this condition can be treated with Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), liquid nitrogen freezing or topical creams to eliminate further risk and get your skin back to optimal health.



Melasma, the darkening of the skin in brown patches, can be treated with a variety of topical medications or chemical peels to return your skin to its normal pigmentation. It may take some time for treatment to be effective and your skin may require maintenance treatments, but Dr. Keel has had great success eliminating the negative effects of melasma.


Moles and Melanoma

There are a variety of different types of moles, and Dr. Keel can examine your moles to determine if any treatment or biopsy is required. He will create a comprehensive treatment plan to remove or otherwise eliminate problematic moles on your body.



Rosacea is a reddening skin condition that affects roughly 1 in 10 people. While this condition can’t be cured, we have a variety of treatment options that can reduce its effects, including topical treatments, antibiotics, or laser treatment.


Skin Cancer

From skin cancer screening to comprehensive healthcare after your diagnosis, Dr. Keel will be with you every step of the way. We can help you throughout your treatment, including additional therapies to maintain the health and appearance of your skin as you recover.

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